The fabric, the cut and the pattern make the difference.

Purotatto is synonymous with the highest quality t-shirts. They are the flagship of our production.

We use noble and natural fabrics to create a collection of basic t-shirts that perfectly and comfortably dress the body. Available in a wide range of models and colours, they are the perfect combination of style and fine, natural yarns. Milk fibre jersey, bamboo viscose, linen, cashmere and wool.

The choice of natural raw materials, then packaged with impalpable and light seams, make our t-shirts a unique product of their kind. The luxury of simplicity.

Viscosa di bamboo




The bamboo fibre is a new fibre, soft and fluffy, generated by the wood of the bamboo plant. The characteristics of bamboo are its softness, for which it is almost comparable to silk, and its resistance, which recalls and exceeds that of cotton.

The bamboo fibre has excellent properties of breathability and moisture absorption, so the garments in this fabric are considered 4 seasons, staying warm in winter and cool in summer.