The fabric, the cut and the pattern make the difference.

Purotatto is synonymous with the highest quality t-shirts. They are the flagship of our production.

We use noble and natural fabrics to create a collection of basic t-shirts that perfectly and comfortably dress the body. Available in a wide range of models and colours, they are the perfect combination of style and fine, natural yarns. Milk fibre jersey, bamboo viscose, linen, cashmere and wool.

The choice of natural raw materials, then packaged with impalpable and light seams, make our t-shirts a unique product of their kind. The luxury of simplicity.

Jersey fibra di latte




The milk fibre is first obtained by dehydrating the milk, then skimmed through bio-engineering techniques; it is made fluid again for wet weaving, i.e. fluidised for spinning.

The result is a particularly pleasant and comfortable fabric on the skin; in fact, the proteins have the characteristic of nourishing and moisturizing even the most delicate skin.